For five months out of the year, we raise pastured chicken. Our chickens live outside for their entire lives. We move them every day- sometimes twice a day. They are always in a clean environment with fresh plant life and insects to eat. Our chickens prove how much of a difference fresh air, sunshine, and green pasture can make.

You can purchase whole frozen chickens from us at the farm. Just give us a call to set up a time. ​​

Pastured Chicken and Eggs

Pastured Chicken

Pastured Eggs

We've been refining our egg production for the past five years. We now rotate 1800 laying hens onto fresh pasture twice a week. They have constant access to tender and nutritious forage from Spring to Fall. During winter months, they hunker down in stationary coops but still have permanent access to fresh air and sunshine. Year round, they're protected by our 100-pound Maremma guard dog named Freja. 

Our hens live an incredible life. And they produce incredible eggs. You can purchase these eggs at the farm throughout the entire year. Just give us a call and we'll set some eggs out for you to pick up.