A few years ago, we brought on 800 laying hens. We built a couple coops on sets of running gear. The coops roll from paddock to paddock every couple days. This allows the hens access to the highest quality, and most abundant, forage on the property.

During the winter months, the hens settle into the hoophouses (where the tomatoes grow during the summer months). They have warmth, fresh air, sunshine, and deep bedding of leaves to scratch through.

Our hens live an incredible life. And they produce incredible eggs. You can purchase these eggs at the farm throughout the entire year.

​We recently initiated a project to get our eggs on the plates of those who need it most. Milwaukee Rescue Mission supplies over 300,000 meals to the impoverished population throughout Milwaukee. We can help them. You can buy a case (15 dozen) of eggs from us and donate it to MRM. We will personally do the delivery and ensure that you receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation. Every case that you donate, 90 impoverished people will get a nutritious breakfast. We've already delivered nearly 40 cases of eggs. To be a part of this project, send us an email with your address and how many cases you'd like to donate.